Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Grouch's take the British Isles by land and by sea! Part 2

Day two found us rested and  ready to take on a day's assault on central London!  The Missus had planned the day's activities which took us past Buckingham palace, towards Big Ben, along the Thames river, onto the tube to Piccadilly circus, and then back to the palace for a tour.  Lastly was a walk through the neighborhood surrounding our hotel to a dinner at a near-by pub.

Off we go!

Buckingham Palace in the morning.  We had tickets for a late afternoon tour so we had to get cracking and start our journey!

Walking to Big Ben and the Thames.  I saw the Guards regimental museum and wanted to stop but the Missus forbade any deviations to the schedule.  Keep moving!

Getting closer

We made it!

strolling along the Thames river bank

Note the date:  not WW2 but WW1!  German Gotha bombers flying from the continent in a preview of the terror of WW2

The dedication to Cleopatra's needle 
According to Wikipedia, its twin is in New York

One of the pair of guards outside of Buckingham palace.  

Emerging from Buckingham palace after the tour.  No pictures inside, sorry!  Definitely worth the visit!

Time for dinner at the pub across the street from out hotel

Busy, busy Victoria station behind our hotel and across from the Shakespeare pub

Citizen Grouch and the Missus enjoying dinner

The tube is the way to travel

Something catches Young Son's eye

I'll take one!  Love the color too

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