Sunday, December 7, 2014

Movie review "Hercules" with Dwayne Johnson

We rented "Hercules" with Dwayne Johnson last night.  Dwayne seems to be a nice guy version of Arnold, someone that you'd want as a friend and not just because he can always open those really tight lids on the spaghetti sauce jars.  He's appealing in every movie that I've seen with him in it.

This movie show cases him as Hercules of legend but with more back story and with not everything being what it seems.  It was a lot of fun with Dwayne's muscles on display, a beautiful woman and her son in peril, yet another bow wielding beauty by his side (what is it with girls and bows in movies over the last decade?), and slaughter by the score.  While watching the scene of a massed army on the move I couldn't help but wonder where the logistics 'tail' was for all those guys but then it was only a movie.

John Hurt chewed the scenery as he always does and turned in yet another good performance.  It was an unexpectedly fun movie, right up there with "John Carter of Mars" for movies with a high fun quotient that exceeded expectations.

Three stars out of four.

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