Sunday, December 7, 2014

A rare product endorsement - Skp DR for DVD and CD

So the Missus and I were at Best Buy last night buying some Christmas CDs for her.  I went over to look at stereo amps as mine is apparently just about kaput.  They only had two models for sale (both base models) and only the high end amps have input for turntables which is what isn't working very well on my stone age amp. They didn't have any of those since no one listens to stereos any more anyway.   Looks like it is a high end amp for me!

While there I spied a gizmo for sale that claimed to buff off scratches on DVDs and CDs so that they will play properly.  I was skeptical but for $30 I figured why not and I hadn't bought anything that day so I took the plunge.

The device is a battery operated polishing wheel that takes off the top layer of a disk that contains the nicks and scratches that interfere with reading the data and subsequently playing properly.  As the instructions say, if the scratch is so deep that it compromises the data then nothing can help.

The Missus provided a Neil Diamond CD that refused to play a couple of tracks.  The surface was covered with tiny scratches and nicks. Perfect candidate!  Into the machine it went and out it came with a swirl pattern on its face and no scratches.  I then used the special polishing cloth on it, popped it in the CD player.  Presto!  it played perfectly.  Young Son retrieved his much loved and played Lord of the Rings DVD that refused to play a crucial scene of the movie due to some scratches.  Presto!  it was fixed and playing.

So far it has a 100% success rate.  The polishing wheel is good for 25 cleanings and then must be replaced.  Be sparing with the polishing fluid that is sprayed on the disk before it is polished.  I used too much and the disk came out of the machine sopping.

Who new this thing would actually work!

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