Saturday, November 23, 2013

Citizen Grouch visits Bickel camp

During the same off road trip that you'll see on your visit today to Citizen Grouch was a stop at the famous Walt Bickel camp.  I've blogged about this place previously but each visit brings some new discoveries.   First off, you should read about Walt Bickel here:   Once you've done your background research you will understand the photos more easily.

Bickel's camp in all of its junk yard glory.

Another view.  Walt must have been quite the guy!  The story is that Walt could fix anything and was the go-to guy for everyone for miles around to have their machines fixed.

I would love to have given this a spin!

A car abandoned by two L.A. Times reporters that seems to be sitting where it stopped running.  the other side of the car body is completely sand blasted of all paint down to bare metal but this side protected from the wind and sun still has the original paint.  The frame was used to make a well drilling machine.

Some never used Model A car tires

A Fordson tractor and the drilling machine in the background.

A Bickel made air compressor using a WW2 aircraft oxygen tank.

Jimmy Durante's V8 Cadillac broke an axle nearby and was left to Walt.  Here's the engine from it!

Walt never discarded anything - even his empty cans were saved for some future purpose!

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