Saturday, November 23, 2013

Citizen Grouch goes off-roading

When off-roading, the hill you climbed or the hill you descended never looks as steep in a picture as it does when you are sitting in your Jeep contemplating the challenge waiting for you.  Here are a series taken by a friend as I was coming down a pretty steep hill in my trusty Jeep.  Back about 20 years if I had done this in my open differential Samurai it might have been a bit more sporty but with my Rubicon it is almost ho-hum.  But, it was fun anyway!

At the top - it looks pretty steep from up here

Here I go, low range first gear, sway bar unlocked, differentials locked

No problems here

The only problem is that I'm going too slow!  Low range first gear is really low and slow!

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