Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spitfire 944 and time travel

Time travel is the stuff of science fiction or so it seems; actually we time-travel constantly when we see events from our past once again now in our present but also in the future that we couldn't have guessed at back when the event happened.  Seeing myself in a movie or video recording from the past sometimes gives me a chill.  I couldn't have begun to imagine what was in store for me and the world way back when the visual record was made.  

A recent documentary describes the time travel for a man now in his 80s who meets himself as a young man...via movie footage shot by a flight surgeon during WW2.   He was unaware that the movie existed and when he sees himself seemingly looking at him from the past he is astonished.

It is a short film, only 15 minutes long and worth seeing for aviation buffs and to see a man who gets to relive a time that he had mostly forgotten until it came back to him via the determined efforts of some film makers who set out to find someone who appeared for only a minute in the stash of films shot more than 60 years earlier.

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  1. That was so great! I can't find the words to do it justice. Hard to believe he would fly completely unarmed into enemy territory. All around a great story.