Sunday, June 9, 2013

Crazy dog owner!

So the Missus and me were walking the dog pack last night.  We had  two clipped to one leash with a nifty device that works this out and the youngster on her own leash.  We were walking through a neighborhood when we spied three adults, two small children and a medium size dog in a yard.  The dog was not on a leash but no worries, we crossed the street and proceeded on our way.  Since the street was a dead-end instead of following the sidewalk around which would put us on their side of the street we reversed course at the end of the street and came back up the same way we had passed before.  That's when the trouble started.

The unrestrained dog came bounding out of the yard and charged over to us.  The owner called out "he just wants to play!' and made no move to call the dog back.  Our dogs didn't know if this fast moving dog was friendly or not so they started backing up and as the loose dog circled us they kept turning to keep it in view so you may get the image of the canine confusion that was going on.  The owner sauntered over and told us again, "he's so friendly" and again made no move to collar the dog.  I dragged the two I had on the one leash and started off when the dog again charged at us. I had enough and called to the woman to please restrain her dog.  Her reply?  "My dog has a right to be in its yard for cyrin' out loud".  Excuse me?  The street is its yard?  I dragged my two on as did the Missus with the pup when the loose dog made yet another run at us!   At that point I was getting frustrated and said quite loudly "come on, that is enough!"   By this time the lady decided to call her cute, friendly, just wants to play dog over to her.   As we walked away the adults were huddled and glaring at us as they whispered together.  

Sorry lady but your dog isn't as cute as you think.  What is it about dog owners who think everyone unconditionally loves their pooch?  Maybe it is a friendly dog (and it wasn't barking) but what if ours weren't and took a bite out of it as it charged us?



  1. Ugh! I hate bad dogs owners! It is people like them that are ruining it for all of us responsible dog owners. The first time that "friendly" dog runs up to an aggressive dog, the owners might decide to keep better control of it. Many times a leashed dog meeting an unleashed dog will behave aggressively out of fear.

    The dreaded call of "Don't worry, he just wants to say hi!" is despised in the "dog people" world.

    It makes me want to bite people.

  2. Moxie is definitely one of those dogs who will err towards aggression to a loose dog when she is leashed. Then I get glared at for having an aggressive dog.

    I got my petty revenge once to a person who made no effort to restrain his loose dog while it approached Moxie. I dragged her along and continued on my run, and he had to chase his dog for quite a while. It was pretty satisfying.