Sunday, October 14, 2012

Scary times at Fright Fest 2012

So the Missus saw an item in the paper that said the local amusement park was looking for crazy scary people to be ghouls for the Halloween fright fest in October.  Now the Misuss isn't crazy or scary but she is up for anything that sounds like fun so she took herself over to the park to audition for a part. 

After screaming like a girl (wait, she is a girl!) and pretending to be pleading for her life and then getting electrocuted the park staff wisely saw that as a elementary school teacher her best fit was to keep the visitors in hand and keep them from getting too rowdy so she was hired as an 'usher' or in this case the person who stands at the front of the maize to keep order and decorum.  The fright fest is a series of mazes with themes in which  ghouls do their best to scare the customers.  It seems to work pretty well because the Missus reports some customers don't get past the first scare before running back out again, in some cases almost over top of her in their haste to get out!

Young Son also auditioned and got the role of the headless man in the Willoughby's maze and is acclaimed by many as the most scary part of that attraction!  It is doubly fun for Young Son because a friend of his is doing the make up for some of the actors so he gets a chance to visit with her when on break.  Sometimes he even sees his Mom!  How embarrassing for him.

This year's fright fest was well reviewed by the L.A. Times:,0,6126835.story
and it mentions the maize that the Missus works at (chapacabra) and the headless man (Young Son).

They are having a blast, however they are both gone Friday through Sunday evenings so I am feeling pretty lonely.

The Missus and her compadres

Scary ghouls and a chapacabra (different than a chewbakerby)

The chapacabra maze.  The Missus found out that the top part of the building is Styrofoam; it was laying on the ground while the feature was being constructed and she went to sit out what she thought was a large piece of concrete.  Turned out to be a large piece of Styrofoam! 

Getting close to the entrance!  The chapacabra did a number on the truck!

How nice, a dog house for the chapacabra!

This can't be good!  Blood splatters on the walls!!

I guess the day of the dead is describes what happens to people who go into this maze

Visitors who didn't make it all the way through!

A good place for visitors to say a prayer that they will survive?

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