Saturday, October 6, 2012

Planet of the Apes land - AKA the Pinnacles

The Pinnacles located outside of Trona California has been the site of many a movie and TV show filming.  It is most evident in the 2001 movie "Planet of the Apes"  where the climatic finish was filmed.  The Pinnacles are located on BLM land and are accessible by a regular sedan although when it rains (and it does!) the dirt and sand road into the area will have deep standing water on it in many places. 
I journeyed to the Pinnacles today with two friends to see what was to be seen.  The last time I was there many years ago the weather was cold and rainy.  today it was brilliantly sunny and in the high 80s.  The silence and stillness was amazing.  We were able to drive in our 4WD vehicles throughout the spread out area which gave us a good appreciation for the variety and shapes of the pinnacles.  We spent almost three hours at the site, walking, having lunch, and driving through and around the spires.  It was a trip well worth making!
Here are the Pinnacles subbing for the future Planet of the Apes.  I like Chuck Heston's version of the movie better.
Approaching the Pinnacles on a somewhat washboard and definitely dusty road.

The main area of the spires.
Anyone see some large apes wearing clothing around here?
Very other worldly
Who is that handsome explorer?
We thought this looked like one of the aliens in 'Prometheus'
More of the alien landscape
Modern art?
We called this one "the eagle"
The trusty vehicles.  It sure is nice having air conditioning and satellite radio!

Another crazy scheme in the desert.  Something about the desert seems to bring out the dreamers and schemers.
This can be found after you leave highway 178 for the turn off to the Pinnacles.


  1. Too bad I didn't get to go this time. It sure looks not like Earth out there!