Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things I hate to buy

I really hate to buy two things: shoes and eye glasses.  I was going to write that I hate to buy shoes and glasses but then someone might think I had an aversion to buying dinner glasses which would be pretty weird.  Having a hatred of buying shoes and eye glasses is actually pretty reasonable all things considered.  Both items can be expensive, both must fit just right or they will cause discomfort and sometimes even pain, and both are usually with the purchaser for at least a year if not longer, so you darn well better get it right.

I haven't picked out any eye glasses recently (I sure hate the part where the doc says "does this look better or this?" as he flicks the lenses back and forth in the giant lens holder over my face.  Usually the choice he gives me are the same.  I'll shout out "that one!" in desparation to get the ordeal over.  Then I have blurry vision for a year.  But I digress.) but I did buy a pair of boots. As usual it didn't go well.  This time the boots that fit so well in the store were like clown shoes on my feet once I got home.  After gamely trying to make them work for a week I took them back to Sports Chalet where I was able to exhange them for a pair of regular width boots that fit fine in the store.

 Now they're cramping my toes.  Sigh.

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