Friday, February 3, 2012

The Family Poet

Young son knocked out this poem for his AP English lit class.  I think it is pretty good:

July 20, 1969

1961, our leader made a promise to our nation,
He had an idea for a new type of exploration.
Made us a goal with a different type of motivation,
To send a man to a new far off destination.
Send a man to the moon was the innovation,
Beat the Soviets was the inspiration.
Now the nation had to maintain its reputation,
No easy task  would be this operation.
After years of tests, trials, errors and altercations,
Our people cried in their jubilation.
The goal was met and we completed our obligation,
On the satellite our men saw the Earth spinning like a top in its rotation,
For the first time they showed the world our true isolation,
That while beautiful, our world was only a marble at this elevation.

1 comment:

  1. Very good indeed! The school may still have a once a year literary magazine- if so, he should end his poem- I like it a lot. If he did get in, it would be interesting that the 2 contributions by this family were both poems about space.