Sunday, September 4, 2011

Young Son's Eagle project Part 2

I mentioned in the previous blog that Young Son's Eagle project has been approved and it is time for him to shift into soliciting mode.  He estimates that he will need the equivalent of $4,000 in cash and donation of goods to create, pack, and ship a minimum of 200 comfort packages to a Marine battalion in Afghanistan.  As he was struggling to get the project approved the Scout advisor told him that is project lacked the 'wow' factor.  The advisor should have seen Young Son in action this weekend to see that the public sees the 'wow' factor in this project!

On Saturday he set up a table outside a grocery store and he and a friend greeted the customers as they went into the store to shop.  He asked them if they would buy just one item on his list for the comfort kits and donate them to his project.  By the end of the day he had about $300 in goods and close to $100 in cash!  People stopped to talk to him about it, folks promised to meet him at the next store that he will be at the following Saturday with more goods and shoppers gave him encouragement and praise for his project.  How's that for 'wow'!   Only a couple of grumpy people snarled at him as they went by and for this day and age that is a pretty good showing!
Today Young Son and I drove to one of the VFW posts in town so he could talk at their meeting and tell about his project.  The group of vets were a gruff group but put him at ease and encouraged him as he spoke.  When he was done one of the vets called on the rest to get their wallets out and kick in some money for the project.  Young Son left with $300!  Other folks have donated goods and cash.  Some of the business in town donated small amounts of money, Trader Joe's being an exception, this store gave him $50. Way to go TJ's!    He is half-way to his goal of $4,000 and thanks to the generosity of family, friends, neighbors, and total strangers his project will undoubtedly be a success.  200 Marines will each get a package with useful items to alleviate the misery of weeks in the field away from base.  Even though I am an old Army dog I can acknowledge the outstanding job our Marines are doing in Afghanistan.  Young Son's project is a noble undertaking and I'm proud of him for doing it!

Eagle Scout comfort kit:

1 zip-lock gallon bag containing:
1 pr crew socks
1 paperback book
1 pack beef jerky
1 tube chapstick
1 dental floss
1 tube toothpaste
1 pack sunflower seeds
1 pack tic-tacs
2 pack chewing gum
1 pack wet wipes
4 AA or AAA batteries
1 letter of appreciation from a grade school student
1 letter from Young Son

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