Friday, September 16, 2011

What to do with obsolete business cards?

When I left my last place of employment I had recently gotten another box of business cards.  Being the frugal type that I am I took them with me figuring that I would find some use for them.  I didn't want to leave the cards behind and have what happened to me in Michigan when I worked for Pepsi happen again.  I got a call from a woman at work one day asking about the job I promised her.  I told her that I didn't know what she was talking about.  She insisted that I had promised her a job and gave her my card in a bar in downtown Grand Rapids.  I asked her what I looked like and she described the beverage warehouse manager.    That rascal had lifted one of my cards and handed it out in the bar!  I told her what happened and she either believed me or figured she wasn't going to get anywhere with me anyway and hung up.  I let the warehouse guy know what I thought of his trick.  He thought it was funny and after awhile I did too.

So, now I have this whole box of business cards sitting in the garage on my workbench.  When I left for the range this morning an idea occurred to me and I grabbed a handful of them.  I stapled 10 cards to my rifle target and set the target out at 50 yards.  They make great targets for a .22 rifle!  I had the triple satisfaction of getting free targets, getting good fun, and putting bullet holes through the logo of that blankety blank company that I used to work for!   What could be better?

I ran into one of my employees at the range.  We were both surprised to see the other there.  He and his group had a cool lifesize (deadsize?) zombie head and torso target that is filled with a gel.  When it is shot the gel oozes out.  Now that is cool!   They dressed it in a shirt and hat for added realism.  I've got to get one!

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  1. I will fly all the way back to CA to go shooting with you if there is a faux zombie involved.