Friday, April 29, 2011

The grouch takes a fall

Thursday morning I set off for the train station on my bike as usual.  I was running a bit late and needed to make some time so instead of taking my usual 'safe' route through a shopping plaza and avoiding the sidewalk in front of the plaza which has obstacles like trash cans, sign posts, and benches I opted for the sidewalk.  after all the sidewalk would save at least a minute or two and when catching a train a minute can make a difference, right?

I was on the sidewalk.....then I was on a gurney being loaded into an ambulance!  I saw a deputy standing nearby and some other people.  A man asked me if I wanted him to take my bike home?  Sure I said.  He looked like an NCO I served with in the Army.  I still don't know who is was.  Next thing I was in the emergency room.  I recognized the signs - another concussion with the memory loss.  I had a severe one when I was in grade school.  Very painful and lots of memory loss over a 24 hour period but this time not as bad.  Xrays showed a broken collar bone.  My body tells me that I have a pulled groin muscle too.

What happened?  I don't have a clue. Several years earlier I veered off a sidewalk to avoid a group of teens, flipped the bike, did a great PLF (parachute landing fall), sprang to my feet and righted the bike and rode off with no injuries much to the open mouth amazement of the boys on the sidewalk.   Well, not so this time.  This is what happens when I turn 57!

Everyone is being very nice and helpful but I worry about next week when I have to go to work. I can't even get myself dressed at this point.  Oh well, I am sure it will work out.

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  1. I am just commenting now although of course I knew as soon as you emailed me. I heard you went for a walk last night so I hope the pain is lessening. You must be typing everything one handed. What a pain. Heal quickly!