Thursday, March 31, 2011

Granddaughter pays a visit

Citizen Grouch and family were graced with our granddaughter over several days recently.  She stayed with us overnight and then returned a couple days later to go to young son's school band pop concert.

(click on the pics for a larger view) First she and the Grouch had a picnic in the back yard.

Then there was swimming in the heated spa.  Ahhh!

Later when young son came home early from school the three of us went used car shopping.  She got to climb in and out of all the cars on the lot and sit in the VW Golf that we ultimately bought (the next day).  That next day when the Grouch was picking up the car she went to a quilt show with Nana (aka the Missus).

Several days later granddaughter joined the Grouch and the Missus(aka Nana) to see young son perform at the pop concert.

She got to try being one of the flag girls and she loved it!

Isn't she beautiful and who is that handsome man?

Young son after the concert with his biggest fan!


  1. I am sad I missed the Granddaughter's visit and the Pops Concert. Nice picture- I got to see it all though the pictures.

  2. I somehow missed this post when it was first put up. Great pictures...I love the one of the "picnic"! She reported that she had a lot of fun on her visit. I love the one of you two together; I will definitely have to get it framed.