Sunday, October 23, 2016

Zombie Huntin'!

A friend of mine emailed me in September and wrote 'let's go zombie hunting!'.  At first I thought she was talking about the people stumbling around with their I-phones hunting electronic Pokemon thingies but then I read on and realized she was talking about a train ride where you get to really shoot zombies!   I mean, what could be better than a train ride with moving targets and all perfectly legal?

I said sign me up! 

The Fillmore railroad is a creaky collection of old railcars and locomotives that runs on a short section of track between Fillmore and Santa Paula.  It's a must for anyone who likes old trains and for families with small kids who have never ridden a train.  

Two couples, Young Daughter, and I all met in Fillmore at the appointed day and time last weekend to have dinner and then board the train for our zombie outing.  The train cleverly included a bar car so that by the time we were ready to actually shoot the zombies some of the marksmen were so inebriated they couldn't hit the ground outside the train let alone the zombies.

We rode in enclosed cars until we found the field where the zombies were wandering.  We were called out to the open flatcars where our paintball guns sat, ready to bring mayhem and paint to the shambling zombies.

Even the most reluctant participants quickly became death-dealing gunners, lighting up the zombies with paint balls and carrying on like they were singlehandedly stopping the zombie horde from overrunning the train.  Silly people, couldn't they see that I was the person stopping the zombies all by myself?

It was great fun and something that I can now say that I have done once in my life.

Young Daughter is attacked by a floating ghoul while I look on.  I know the ghoul is going to lose.

She wasn't a zombie but she did seem to have some sort of problem - maybe too much zombie hunting?

Gunners to the left, guns to the right.

Young Daughter waits in anticipation of the upcoming horde

Ready on the left?  Ready on the right?  The firing line is ready...
Young Daughter shows her war face

There they are, get 'em!

Watch out, it's trying to climb on the train!

Nice of the zombie to wear bright yellow!

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