Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dog Tired

Young Daughter and her four pooches came to stay with us over Thanksgiving.  On Friday she took her dogs and Molly and Kirby for a romp in the open area behind our house.  Molly was playing like she was a puppy again with lots of running and jumping, not at all acting her age of 12 years.

It caught up with her that evening....

While watching TV with the family, Molly zonked out on the couch

So tired and so comfortable...

Young Son stirred and woke Molly who moved over by her buddy Kirby and promptly fell deep asleep again.  It's a dog's life for sure!


  1. So cute!! She looks like a puppy in the last picture!

  2. Very cute! I bet the previous family dogs are so jealous of how good the current dogs have it!