Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Missus goes roller skating!

The Missus' school held a skate night at the roller rink one valley over from our happy little valley so off we went.  I watched and the Missus skated.  I have absolutely no sense of balance and I can't even stand on roller skates let alone move in any sort of controlled manner.

The most amazing thing was not that there is still an operating roller rink but that when the rink was opened to the public after the school's private party was finished there was a mob of teens waiting to get into the rink!   And, they had their own custom roller skates too.  Who knew that teens still skate!

I remember the old Ardmore boulevard roller rink by my house back in the dark ages.  It was a happening place until gang fights started becoming a regular part of the skating activities.  This was after I had moved on of course.  Back in the Mayberry days of my youth kids roller skated at the rink and didn't stab each other

the Missus getting ready to rumble on her skates!

Having fun!

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