Monday, December 10, 2012

Our calendar dog

So, about 11 years ago, when Roscoe was just 8 months old and feeling frisky like a pup feels, he was playing in the backyard with some yellow rings and kicking up his heels and having a grand old time.  The Misuss took a picture of his cuteness and sent it off to the 'Dog a Day' calendar.  Imagine our surprise last year when we got a letter in the mail saying that Roscoe had been selected for the 'Bad Dog a Day' calendar!   Roscoe is not a bad dog, how could they say that about him?   His pay was to receive his own calendar in the mail and today is his day on the calendar so here are two pictures of him with his calendar page showing him in his youth.  Roscoe still looks like that dog from years ago but the backyard sure has changed!


  1. We have a famous dog! A slight correction for you... I took the picture.

  2. Oh Roscoe, so cute! Can't wait to see him soon. Can't believe he is 11...I must be old!