Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sight Seeing in Seattle - Part 4 - Brony day aka Everfree

The real reason we were in Seattle was not to see the natural beauty of the area around the city nor was it to sample the delights of the historic downtown district.  No, we were there to attend Everfree, the northwest My Little Pony fancon.  Well, Young Son was there to attend Everfree for three days.  We were good for about 3 hours on day one and then we were done.  So, if you remember My Little Ponies from 20 years ago, this is not them.  I can't say what the modern incarnation is, because I am too old and too much a fuddy-duddy but young people seem to adore them.  I must say I don't get it, but that is to be expected.

The convention was held in two different hotels separated by about  half a mile.  Hordes of people streamed between the two venues constantly and jammed the hallways and grounds of the hotels.  I heard two frazzled hotel management types at one of the places bemoaning that they had booked the convention because the attendees were spooking the guests.  
Organization was definitely not the strong suite of the convention organizers and on the first day near chaos reigned.  The male to female ratio was about 9:1 and the nerd quotient was off the charts.   All that said the Missus and I were very favorably impressed with the good will, good humor, and politeness off all the attendees (except me - my goodwill was at zero after two hours of chaos and standing in disorganization).   The conventioneers didn't even jaywalk but dutifully waited for the 'cross' signal at the marked crosswalks!

Attendees with props that mean something in Ponyland but not to me.  This is 20% of the female side of the group.
The Flim Flam brothers who are horses in the show but obviously people here.

Waiting in yet another line for something.  Can you spot Young Son?
These two got the Grouch prize for dedication to their craft! They were later seen riding off in a compact car.  At least they weren't driving.
No, Young Son wasn't attending with this young lady but notice that he did manage to stand next to one of the few girls at the gathering!   She is a pony too but I have no idea which one.
This is how we knew that these were good people attending this convention:  someone invited strangers to write on his car and no one damaged it, keyed it, scribbled in sharpy on the paint...good for them!
Nice artwork and nice sentiment!  I still don't get the MLP thing but it seems pretty harmless.  I still think they should all be drafted into the Army for four years but that is beside the point.

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